Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall Coaching Special....

Fall is in the air! 

 with my 


Warm days and cool nights are ushering us into autumn! As this seasonal shift takes root, it’s inevitable that we feel a pull towards completing unfinished business, beginning new projects or accomplishing the goals that we set for ourselves earlier in the year.

Perhaps a sense of urgency compels you to take action before the year rapidly completes itself……..2016 is just around the corner!

Let's explore what you may be feeling........................

   Are you feeling a desire to refocus your energy towards a career change or create a plan to act on a business idea you’ve longed to do?

   Maybe you are working through a personal transition like a relationship that just ended or are an empty nest and are feeling lost?

   Feeling overwhelmed in your new business launch with all of the complexities involved?

   Wondering how to manage a major leap in your current business?

   Longing for a deeper, richer relationship with yourself and a sense of purpose and fulfillment with your life?

What is that ‘something’ holding you back from moving forward?

We can feel restless and intentionally distracted as a method of avoidance because we do not yet know how to assert ourselves into an unknown place. Fear shows up as resistance to the changes we must make and leaves us stuck in the same place. Often we abandon our inspired dream because we believe in the fear more than the dream.

Navigating new circumstances and taking steps towards our truest desires is not always easy, yet it is absolutely possible……….with support!

I am a Personal Transition Coach and I specialize in Supporting Women navigating  their own mid-life transition.

This special Coaching opportunity could be for you if:
  • You need help Masterminding  and navigating your career re-invention
  • You are ready to up-level your direct selling business
  • You are experiencing a major mid-life transition – Divorce or an empty nest and are wondering; What’s next for me?
  •  You would like guidance through a personal / spiritual transformation
  • You are launching a new business venture!
With the following 4 keys to creating success you will be on your way!

          Positive Mindset
                                 Inner Alignment
                                                          Releasing Blocks
                                                                                 Inspired Action Steps!

       I will Guide You in:

    1. Establishing a positive Mindset! Mind management is essential for making any positive transformations and achieving the successful completion of your goals! You will learn the corner stone of mind management to stop sabotaging thoughts and behaviors from hijacking your dreams and goals.

  2. Gaining clarity and vision with inner alignment on what you desire to create is the second step towards activating what you want. You will engage in effective exercises to gain clarity and learn to harness your vision using powerful manifestation tools to produce your goals and desires.

 3. Identifying and releasing your ‘old stories’. What are those old stories or myths you are holding onto? I am too old, not good enough, not smart enough, can’t make enough money…etc! Whatever they arethey will keep you stuck in place! Identifying them will create the shift you need to release them and discover what is really TRUE about you......that you are whole and complete and worthy of your dreams! 

  4.Taking inspired action steps toward your goal and being held accountable to them is essential to building momentum towards your goal and for building trust and confidence.  Playing big is like exercising a muscle to make it stronger and bigger; it takes practice! One great step builds on the next.

      This is how I will support YOU to achieving your success....

       I have created 2 coaching packages to meet your scheduling and investment    preferences, whether for your personal transformation or business growth. 
     Both packages will include:  
     Private one on one coaching over the phone or in person.

·        You can expect full confidentiality, guidance and support.

·        Home work, and full accountability support towards your chosen action steps.

·        Exercises, tools, helpful practices and Professional Assessments if applicable
·        Email support between scheduled sessions and you can also receive a recording of phone sessions together.

Fall Coaching Packages

Package A  4 Sessions; One Hour each Session   $375.

Package B   4 Sessions: A One Hour session and 3 Thirty minute sessions for $225.

 These Coaching packages are designed to get you started on your vision, plan, and action steps and support you in any personal or professional transitions you are making. Creating a focused intention, a strategy and clear goals in mind to be accomplished in a three month time to enable you to Rock your 2016!  

Payment Process: $100. Deposit to secure your Coaching package with balance due upon first coaching session. All forms of payment accepted.
Sessions can begin anytime in October and finalize by December 31st, 2015 – Just in time to Celebrate your success!

If you are ready and know this is exactly what you need to make 2016 your best year ever..... 

Sign up NOW! 

Use the Pay buttons on the Right!

If you are wondering which coaching program is right for you A or B; email me at and we can schedule a free consultation to pick the perfect package for your goals.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Invitation to My Summer Women's Circle...

Summer Circles for Women

I am delighted to announce that this Summer I will be holding my own Women’s Circles in Pittsburgh now that I am a certified Radiant Women's Circle Guide!

The space I am inspired to hold for women in my community looks like this: 

Women coming together  in a safe and sacred space to find a bigger vision, be vulnerable, express  truths, be seen and heard, heal old wounds, find their inner voice, connect with your soul, honor yourself and each other as only women can and have done through the ages; with encouragement, belief and the power of sisterhood.  The rest is magic!

Why a circle? This symbolic shape allows for endless opportunity of love, forgiveness and growth. It is a container in which you can imbue with an energy that will continue to perpetuate itself. Within circle we will laugh and be playful, share stories and release, discover and heal, connect deeply with ourselves and each other through; relevant  topic lead discussions,  creative exercises, meditation, ritual, ceremony, and a few surprises  sprinkled into our circle of soulful supportive Sisters!

This Summer Circle is for you if:

  •  You are a woman longing to be witnessed for who you are becoming and the dreams you are creating.

  •  For women who are in the midst of transition and desire to be among like minded women for   shared experiences and wisdom.

  • Women who are seeking connection through sisterhood to reflect on their evolving inner life and changing physical self.

  • You are a Woman wondering; What’s next for me and are looking to gain a bigger vision for your life.  

We start with the Summer Solstice by connecting within and celebrating our essence. As we journey through the sun’s radiant arc of July and August we will explore themes of play, self care, creativity, Mindful connection and inner peace.  We end with the Autumn Equinox in a releasing ceremony and writing our manifesto to our greater vision!  We will celebrate once a month in the east end of Pittsburgh, so please join me in this awesome circle.

 Where: a gorgeous little open air spot in Regent Square at the home of Elena Swann. 608 Lamar Street Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Time: 7pm – 8:30 /9 pm

When : On a Thursday once per month;

 June 18th, July 9th, August 13th, and September 10th.

Investment: All 4 months of fun are yours for just $75. 

Can't do all 4 Circles? - No Problem! I am offering a Drop in rate of $20. per Circle. You must reserve you date(s) with an Advanced Paid Reservation.

Please RSVP your place in circle by June 12th (or before ) via email 

 I will take cash, check and credit card via my PayPal account.  

 Space is limited to 10 Fabulous Women…will You be one of   them? 

I hope so!  So, Sign up TODAY!  

Please note: Must be paid in full to secure seat in circle.          No refunds for cancellation.

Looking forward to seeing you in Circle!



Monday, March 9, 2015

Truth or Dare.....Both!

 Taking Flight 

The truth has been weighing heavily on me recently and I am left wondering:

Why is it so difficult to live from our truth?

Perhaps the Judgment, vulnerability, and exposure we might encounter……. 

 I have discovered it takes the spirit of a seeker and the courage of an explorer to know thy truth. If you want to speak and live from the truth of your soul, it takes desire, awareness and practice.  It has been said that the truth will set you free, and when you get free of something, you can definitely feel exposed and vulnerable. I have experienced this and I am growing comfortable with vulnerability.  Allowing the divine feminine to have a place in my life now, has shown me that it’s okay to feel unsure about stepping out, for example, because I have created a safe foundation. This is now a part of my truth, and there is power in that. But most often our truth is clouded by our insecurities, negative patterns and false beliefs. Unless we take up the path of personal and spiritual discovery, it can be difficult to tease apart the discourse we have experienced as ‘self’ through our personality. 

  “The darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable; the lightness has a call that’s hard to hear.”  Closer to Fine, by the Indigo Girls                           

     The past few weeks I have been in touch with a core wound that has left me engulfed with sadness.  A drowning voice painfully cries out; “I don’t feel loved, I can’t see me, I don’t matter.” The voice at times has been raw and sad; other times loud and demanding. For many years it has been quietly calling out to me from painful body parts; “Notice me, pay attention to me!” I am paying attention to this inner voice in a whole new way this time. Allowing myself to ‘just be’ in the sea of her sadness, feeling it without judgment. My golden take away; the only way to move through this, is to feel and accept it. While I am swimming underwater, consciously aware of her pain, I continue to breathe and accept. In the past; I denied it, was angered by it, yelled at it, and even ignored it.

I T   J U S T   G O T   W O R S E.

So where does this leave me, you might wonder? In the present moment. There is no other. I can’t wish this away or pretend it away any longer. I am living it. I am living my truth, moment by moment. This is a necessary step in my evolutionary process and I accept that this is part of the ebb and flow of my path.

I surrender and I accept.

Letting go creates movement. I feel a release from the heaviness of sorrow. I dip into myself and know with certainty, I will surface and swim to my shore.  My shore is a welcoming and loving space within me, where I cherish and connect with the divine in me. I am rewarded with knowing the deeper truth of who I am; I am relevant, I matter greatly and I deserve to thrive! I am here to to be a powerful visible presence in the world.                                                                                                                                                                 The release has me souring through the clouds!

      I share this story with you today, dear one, to hold space for you to consciously seek out and know your deeper truth. We are all more than our wounds born from old stories and programing. Consider asking yourself; What ‘story’ am I still perpetuating that is no longer serving me?  I encourage you to lovingly give yourself permission to feel and release the old painful story(s). When you do, the promise of movement and liberation will be yours! The space of truth that opens up within you will be magical!                

   I encourage you to take up this journey! On second thought….

I Dare you! 


  Leave me a comment below! I would love to hear from you!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Addicted to love.....

Felting my heart out!

All week long I've been felting hearts and thinking about love. Yes, L O V E! How to get it, how to jump start it and how to express it.

And it's no wonder, since there have been a bajillian reminders about the big "V" Day every where I turn or click; TV talk shows, my Inbox, store windows, flyers posted about town and even at the movies (50 Shades of Grey opening), and especially on my dining room table! Which has been smothered in wool, waiting it's turn to be sculpted into the shape of love!


 The messages have been promises for: a 'Perfect night for you and your sweetheart'.

Reminders: 'It's February; Time for a relationship review!'

Workshops on: Invoking Romantic Mysteries.

 Body Massages to: 'Open your heart to a deeper connection this Valentine's Day.'

Even suggestions from EFT experts; 'Tap' your way into your heart!

F u n n y!

I am sure any one of these offerings would be beneficial for us! I have to say, it did get me thinking about the love I have in my life. And it all starts with me. My own self love and the love I feel for others.  And what I know for sure; This Love I have, has to be consciously fueled. It's like daily devotions or prayers. Love has to be an intention that is practiced and expressed frequently.

So, I don't want to wait for one month per year to focus on it.  Although, I was a little obsessed about crafting my many hearts this week!  I do love a deadline.

I'll take this opportunity to give a piece of my heart to those I love today!

Wishing you all B I G, BIG LOVE every moment, every day!



Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kick start the new year....

My Cabin

Don't you love new beginnings?! The chance to create on a clean slate. You can review the previous years canvas and garner the lessons from it, then celebrate the wins and accomplishments. It's a powerful time to release what didn't work for you; behaviors, attitudes, the beliefs and choices that are no longer serving you! 

For a long as I can remember, I have been practicing a year end fire ritual. First, I identifying what got in my way during the year. Usually my own limited beliefs, or not following my heart, unfulfilled promises...etc. I write them on a piece of paper then release them to the fire. Watching them burn is so cathartic. After my fire releasing ritual I feel freer. I replenish the new space with life affirming intentions. Try this simple, but effective, mental/emotional/spiritual clutter removal practice to kick start your new year!

Burn baby burn!

I had some exciting accomplishments in 2014. 

The biggy, drum roll please..... in March I retired from my 28 year career in corporate sales!  It took 3 long years to bring this into fruition. It also took a global community of support to achieve the feat! I learned so much about the art and practice of manifesting desires, that I could teach it. Hey, that's a good idea.....!

I love adventure, especially outdoor adventure. I've been on mountain climbing expeditions in the Andes, multi-pitch rock climbs on thousand foot crags in N.America and have swam alone in a glacier lake at the base of the Italian Alps in the dark.  I found those experiences thrilling.....but stepping into the unknown place of personal re-invention was the really scary experience! The emotional landscape came with raw vulnerability and paralyzing fear at times. But eventually I learned to be patient with myself, breathe, and to love myself through every terrifying place. Fortunately, by autumn I began to make empowered choices and follow my vision.

In June, I honored a life long dream by learning to play the guitar! I then decided to turn my home office into an art studio. By December it was complete! Yay! I now have a place where I can just guitar, sing, make some art, dream, meditate and design cabin retreats.

A glimpse into my home studio with Clancy posing on a pillow

Another year end practice I do, is to acknowledge what and whom I am grateful for. This is usually a big list, as I am very blessed with many benevolent forces in my life. I am thankful for the lessons too, as painful as they can be,without them I would not have the growth. With out that growth, I would not be able to take the leaps that I am taking in 2015!

So, what's next?

Well, I am stepping out as a Retreat and Workshop Facilitator. Hosting retreats at my cabin and workshops in the city to those seeking deeper personal and spiritual connection with themselves.  I have designed several Workshops & Retreats for 2015.

The first one is the series is a one day retreat at my cabin in the mountains:

"New Beginnings, New Vision, New Life"

on Saturday January 24th.

Join me for an empowering day creating meaningful and heart centered visions for 2015 in the tranquil setting of my cabin in the mountains of Western, Pennsylvania. 

You should come!

You can register by clicking on New Beginnings in the side bar on the right. If you have questions, email me at or leave me a comment below.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Preparing to Leap.

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity." Amelia Earhart

She knew. Do you? I didn't know.  What I mean is, I was not clear why I wasn't acting out. Was it that the decision was so difficult or had I made it difficult by those tricky road blocks I had positioned in my own flight path?

Earlier in October I made a trip to New York City for a Women's Leadership conference with Emerging Women, a Feminine Power movement founded by Chantal Pierrat, whose mission is to encourage change in the world through Feminine Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Satisfy your curiosity at

It was a very compelling conference with speakers like Arianna Huffington, Brene Brown, Eve Ensler and so many more amazing accomplished and inspirational female leaders. The presenter and author Tara Mohr influenced me the most with her workshop on Playing Big. She raised the question, why are women who are educated, successful, visionaries, leaders, and talented still playing it small? Women's voices and influence are desperately needed in the world today.

I wondered, why do I feel like I am playing it small, in view of my own talents and skills for leading and the arts?  At the heart of my desires I recognize this arm reaching motion to catch and uplift others, mainly women who feel stuck in the scratched groove of their lives and circumstances. Rotating within the same cycle not quite able to rise above or fulfill their own personal promise and dreams. 

I know for certain that I really long to express my musical and creative gifts and be of service in empowering other women in personal discovery. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I am going to burst - if I don't burst on to the seen!  Do you feel that way too? Well you are not alone as this challenge of stepping out and playing big seems to be rooted in the collective unconscious of women today in America and around the world.  Play, but not too big seems to be the paradigm we live in.

Well clearly, that is why I went to the conference. Not only to connect with other like minded women, feel inspired, assess the gap in my action, and to learn how to take that leap! The point of emerging and unfolding is about stepping out.  I am feeling on the verge of that tipping point.  So how do we awesome women break out of the smallness that no longer serves us?

To possess tenacity for starters would be a great quality to have, especially if your mission is to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic....solo. The "mere" act of a solo flight requires the very definition of tenacity; the quality or fact of being very determined and persistent.  As Amelia viewed it, making the decision to step out and brave the unknown is the difficult aspect of the process.  And indeed it is. Perhaps your mission is not to actually fly solo but metaphorically speaking a step out can feel like a solo flight.  Feeling vulnerable even fearful of some failure, that is certain to be part of the territory. Yet when we risk all, we experience delight!

Let's imagine for a moment how Amelia felt in her cockpit seat of the diminutive Lockheed Vega for 14 hours and 56 minutes with just her instruments and small panoramic view, sheer terror and delight no doubt! I believe that is what is awaiting us if we only make the move to take our first step, leap or flight!

The real difficulty lies in how we have made it difficult to make the decision to act upon something. In Playing Big, Tara indicates that we are busy, busy, busy crafting the perfect message, hiding, over complicating, collecting, insisting on another degree, I must do "this" before that, procrastinating...whatever it is that you are doing to prevent your brave bold (or small) move. 

I want this. I want to risk delight and take my next solo flight. No matter the risk, fear or failure. What about you?  

So, I have identified that I like to over complicate things and put "this before that."  What about you....can you identify how you are making it difficult to make the leap?

Please share in the comments section below if you'd like.  

Next time - more on Leaping or flying!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Welcome to my new blog!

Still life, vibrant life.

Art unfolding isn't as much about my art work right now as it is about the art of my life unfolding. This year is all about transformation and the re-creation of my life since I left my corporate career to pursue the pulse of my heart. My creative passions. I certainly did not anticipate how difficult it would be to craft and focus each day to make way for my longing artist to surface. Shedding the cloak and daily lifestyle as the corporate sales executive has been daunting yet most revealing. 

Six months in and I am finally inspired into action on an art studio for myself. Transforming the old office space to a studio where I can make my heart sing, a space to create art, music and practice yoga and meditation. This  idea was not in my original vision, but it makes complete sense. Collapsing the old way of being, way of life really, to make way for the new one. Reclaiming this space totally supports my vision of expressing all of my artistic areas; visual and fiber arts, performing arts, writing and of course new explorations.  

Ah, an office to an art studio.... feels delicious and promising! But getting down to the work of moving heavy pieces of furniture out, packing boxes and purging is another matter!  I had no idea how large pieces of furniture could take up such mental and emotional space too. Sorting through a decade of memories and documents has largely been a pleasant experience, just time consuming. I did not want to miss anything important, after all if I am going to chuck something, I want to savor it by re-living the memory and moment again. Of course, I still kept many things my heart could not part with like birthday cards from my daughter and art work from my son. And I am surprised to find lost dreams and unfulfilled goals that were hidden on slips of paper buried deep in a forgotten file. 

As I shed the layers of the corporate persona and consciously allow my intuitive impulses to lead me in this journey, I feel like am both the sculptor and the alabaster. Carving away in the multi-dimensional world that represents me, my life and the space I am to create in. All aspects taking new form simultaneously. The thrill and agony of this process takes patience and so often I am rendered powerless and in need of surrendering to a force unseen , my silent partner if you will, to take hold of the chisel and hammer and chip away the unnecessary layers to reveal the shape and form of things to come.

Still, just when I feel my patience has expired, a wise message from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  surfaces; "Practice being infinitely patient, never being dissatisfied with the speed or the manner in which your intentions are manifesting." As the meaning takes hold within me, I am reminded that with deep trust  the challenges that feel bigger than me will indeed work out. I am reassured by this and even inspired to push on because everyday I chisel away, revealing little by little this shape shifting life of mine, while the artist and the art unfolds before me. 

 So, welcome to my journey and first blog posting. I look forward to sharing and connecting with you again soon!