Monday, June 1, 2015

Invitation to My Summer Women's Circle...

Summer Circles for Women

I am delighted to announce that this Summer I will be holding my own Women’s Circles in Pittsburgh now that I am a certified Radiant Women's Circle Guide!

The space I am inspired to hold for women in my community looks like this: 

Women coming together  in a safe and sacred space to find a bigger vision, be vulnerable, express  truths, be seen and heard, heal old wounds, find their inner voice, connect with your soul, honor yourself and each other as only women can and have done through the ages; with encouragement, belief and the power of sisterhood.  The rest is magic!

Why a circle? This symbolic shape allows for endless opportunity of love, forgiveness and growth. It is a container in which you can imbue with an energy that will continue to perpetuate itself. Within circle we will laugh and be playful, share stories and release, discover and heal, connect deeply with ourselves and each other through; relevant  topic lead discussions,  creative exercises, meditation, ritual, ceremony, and a few surprises  sprinkled into our circle of soulful supportive Sisters!

This Summer Circle is for you if:

  •  You are a woman longing to be witnessed for who you are becoming and the dreams you are creating.

  •  For women who are in the midst of transition and desire to be among like minded women for   shared experiences and wisdom.

  • Women who are seeking connection through sisterhood to reflect on their evolving inner life and changing physical self.

  • You are a Woman wondering; What’s next for me and are looking to gain a bigger vision for your life.  

We start with the Summer Solstice by connecting within and celebrating our essence. As we journey through the sun’s radiant arc of July and August we will explore themes of play, self care, creativity, Mindful connection and inner peace.  We end with the Autumn Equinox in a releasing ceremony and writing our manifesto to our greater vision!  We will celebrate once a month in the east end of Pittsburgh, so please join me in this awesome circle.

 Where: a gorgeous little open air spot in Regent Square at the home of Elena Swann. 608 Lamar Street Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Time: 7pm – 8:30 /9 pm

When : On a Thursday once per month;

 June 18th, July 9th, August 13th, and September 10th.

Investment: All 4 months of fun are yours for just $75. 

Can't do all 4 Circles? - No Problem! I am offering a Drop in rate of $20. per Circle. You must reserve you date(s) with an Advanced Paid Reservation.

Please RSVP your place in circle by June 12th (or before ) via email 

 I will take cash, check and credit card via my PayPal account.  

 Space is limited to 10 Fabulous Women…will You be one of   them? 

I hope so!  So, Sign up TODAY!  

Please note: Must be paid in full to secure seat in circle.          No refunds for cancellation.

Looking forward to seeing you in Circle!



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