Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall Coaching Special....

Fall is in the air! 

 with my 


Warm days and cool nights are ushering us into autumn! As this seasonal shift takes root, it’s inevitable that we feel a pull towards completing unfinished business, beginning new projects or accomplishing the goals that we set for ourselves earlier in the year.

Perhaps a sense of urgency compels you to take action before the year rapidly completes itself……..2016 is just around the corner!

Let's explore what you may be feeling........................

   Are you feeling a desire to refocus your energy towards a career change or create a plan to act on a business idea you’ve longed to do?

   Maybe you are working through a personal transition like a relationship that just ended or are an empty nest and are feeling lost?

   Feeling overwhelmed in your new business launch with all of the complexities involved?

   Wondering how to manage a major leap in your current business?

   Longing for a deeper, richer relationship with yourself and a sense of purpose and fulfillment with your life?

What is that ‘something’ holding you back from moving forward?

We can feel restless and intentionally distracted as a method of avoidance because we do not yet know how to assert ourselves into an unknown place. Fear shows up as resistance to the changes we must make and leaves us stuck in the same place. Often we abandon our inspired dream because we believe in the fear more than the dream.

Navigating new circumstances and taking steps towards our truest desires is not always easy, yet it is absolutely possible……….with support!

I am a Personal Transition Coach and I specialize in Supporting Women navigating  their own mid-life transition.

This special Coaching opportunity could be for you if:
  • You need help Masterminding  and navigating your career re-invention
  • You are ready to up-level your direct selling business
  • You are experiencing a major mid-life transition – Divorce or an empty nest and are wondering; What’s next for me?
  •  You would like guidance through a personal / spiritual transformation
  • You are launching a new business venture!
With the following 4 keys to creating success you will be on your way!

          Positive Mindset
                                 Inner Alignment
                                                          Releasing Blocks
                                                                                 Inspired Action Steps!

       I will Guide You in:

    1. Establishing a positive Mindset! Mind management is essential for making any positive transformations and achieving the successful completion of your goals! You will learn the corner stone of mind management to stop sabotaging thoughts and behaviors from hijacking your dreams and goals.

  2. Gaining clarity and vision with inner alignment on what you desire to create is the second step towards activating what you want. You will engage in effective exercises to gain clarity and learn to harness your vision using powerful manifestation tools to produce your goals and desires.

 3. Identifying and releasing your ‘old stories’. What are those old stories or myths you are holding onto? I am too old, not good enough, not smart enough, can’t make enough money…etc! Whatever they arethey will keep you stuck in place! Identifying them will create the shift you need to release them and discover what is really TRUE about you......that you are whole and complete and worthy of your dreams! 

  4.Taking inspired action steps toward your goal and being held accountable to them is essential to building momentum towards your goal and for building trust and confidence.  Playing big is like exercising a muscle to make it stronger and bigger; it takes practice! One great step builds on the next.

      This is how I will support YOU to achieving your success....

       I have created 2 coaching packages to meet your scheduling and investment    preferences, whether for your personal transformation or business growth. 
     Both packages will include:  
     Private one on one coaching over the phone or in person.

·        You can expect full confidentiality, guidance and support.

·        Home work, and full accountability support towards your chosen action steps.

·        Exercises, tools, helpful practices and Professional Assessments if applicable
·        Email support between scheduled sessions and you can also receive a recording of phone sessions together.

Fall Coaching Packages

Package A  4 Sessions; One Hour each Session   $375.

Package B   4 Sessions: A One Hour session and 3 Thirty minute sessions for $225.

 These Coaching packages are designed to get you started on your vision, plan, and action steps and support you in any personal or professional transitions you are making. Creating a focused intention, a strategy and clear goals in mind to be accomplished in a three month time to enable you to Rock your 2016!  

Payment Process: $100. Deposit to secure your Coaching package with balance due upon first coaching session. All forms of payment accepted.
Sessions can begin anytime in October and finalize by December 31st, 2015 – Just in time to Celebrate your success!

If you are ready and know this is exactly what you need to make 2016 your best year ever..... 

Sign up NOW! 

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If you are wondering which coaching program is right for you A or B; email me at and we can schedule a free consultation to pick the perfect package for your goals.