Sunday, October 5, 2014

Welcome to my new blog!

Still life, vibrant life.

Art unfolding isn't as much about my art work right now as it is about the art of my life unfolding. This year is all about transformation and the re-creation of my life since I left my corporate career to pursue the pulse of my heart. My creative passions. I certainly did not anticipate how difficult it would be to craft and focus each day to make way for my longing artist to surface. Shedding the cloak and daily lifestyle as the corporate sales executive has been daunting yet most revealing. 

Six months in and I am finally inspired into action on an art studio for myself. Transforming the old office space to a studio where I can make my heart sing, a space to create art, music and practice yoga and meditation. This  idea was not in my original vision, but it makes complete sense. Collapsing the old way of being, way of life really, to make way for the new one. Reclaiming this space totally supports my vision of expressing all of my artistic areas; visual and fiber arts, performing arts, writing and of course new explorations.  

Ah, an office to an art studio.... feels delicious and promising! But getting down to the work of moving heavy pieces of furniture out, packing boxes and purging is another matter!  I had no idea how large pieces of furniture could take up such mental and emotional space too. Sorting through a decade of memories and documents has largely been a pleasant experience, just time consuming. I did not want to miss anything important, after all if I am going to chuck something, I want to savor it by re-living the memory and moment again. Of course, I still kept many things my heart could not part with like birthday cards from my daughter and art work from my son. And I am surprised to find lost dreams and unfulfilled goals that were hidden on slips of paper buried deep in a forgotten file. 

As I shed the layers of the corporate persona and consciously allow my intuitive impulses to lead me in this journey, I feel like am both the sculptor and the alabaster. Carving away in the multi-dimensional world that represents me, my life and the space I am to create in. All aspects taking new form simultaneously. The thrill and agony of this process takes patience and so often I am rendered powerless and in need of surrendering to a force unseen , my silent partner if you will, to take hold of the chisel and hammer and chip away the unnecessary layers to reveal the shape and form of things to come.

Still, just when I feel my patience has expired, a wise message from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  surfaces; "Practice being infinitely patient, never being dissatisfied with the speed or the manner in which your intentions are manifesting." As the meaning takes hold within me, I am reminded that with deep trust  the challenges that feel bigger than me will indeed work out. I am reassured by this and even inspired to push on because everyday I chisel away, revealing little by little this shape shifting life of mine, while the artist and the art unfolds before me. 

 So, welcome to my journey and first blog posting. I look forward to sharing and connecting with you again soon!

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  1. So exciting to hear about your new journey, Melanie! Change takes lots of courage - and I see your taking it on like the pro that you are! I look forward to hearing about your new journey and experiences. I'm happy for you and look forward to following your blog!