Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kick start the new year....

My Cabin

Don't you love new beginnings?! The chance to create on a clean slate. You can review the previous years canvas and garner the lessons from it, then celebrate the wins and accomplishments. It's a powerful time to release what didn't work for you; behaviors, attitudes, the beliefs and choices that are no longer serving you! 

For a long as I can remember, I have been practicing a year end fire ritual. First, I identifying what got in my way during the year. Usually my own limited beliefs, or not following my heart, unfulfilled promises...etc. I write them on a piece of paper then release them to the fire. Watching them burn is so cathartic. After my fire releasing ritual I feel freer. I replenish the new space with life affirming intentions. Try this simple, but effective, mental/emotional/spiritual clutter removal practice to kick start your new year!

Burn baby burn!

I had some exciting accomplishments in 2014. 

The biggy, drum roll please..... in March I retired from my 28 year career in corporate sales!  It took 3 long years to bring this into fruition. It also took a global community of support to achieve the feat! I learned so much about the art and practice of manifesting desires, that I could teach it. Hey, that's a good idea.....!

I love adventure, especially outdoor adventure. I've been on mountain climbing expeditions in the Andes, multi-pitch rock climbs on thousand foot crags in N.America and have swam alone in a glacier lake at the base of the Italian Alps in the dark.  I found those experiences thrilling.....but stepping into the unknown place of personal re-invention was the really scary experience! The emotional landscape came with raw vulnerability and paralyzing fear at times. But eventually I learned to be patient with myself, breathe, and to love myself through every terrifying place. Fortunately, by autumn I began to make empowered choices and follow my vision.

In June, I honored a life long dream by learning to play the guitar! I then decided to turn my home office into an art studio. By December it was complete! Yay! I now have a place where I can just play......my guitar, sing, make some art, dream, meditate and design cabin retreats.

A glimpse into my home studio with Clancy posing on a pillow

Another year end practice I do, is to acknowledge what and whom I am grateful for. This is usually a big list, as I am very blessed with many benevolent forces in my life. I am thankful for the lessons too, as painful as they can be,without them I would not have the growth. With out that growth, I would not be able to take the leaps that I am taking in 2015!

So, what's next?

Well, I am stepping out as a Retreat and Workshop Facilitator. Hosting retreats at my cabin and workshops in the city to those seeking deeper personal and spiritual connection with themselves.  I have designed several Workshops & Retreats for 2015.

The first one is the series is a one day retreat at my cabin in the mountains:

"New Beginnings, New Vision, New Life"

on Saturday January 24th.

Join me for an empowering day creating meaningful and heart centered visions for 2015 in the tranquil setting of my cabin in the mountains of Western, Pennsylvania. 

You should come!

You can register by clicking on New Beginnings in the side bar on the right. If you have questions, email me at msfitzpatrick54@gmail.com or leave me a comment below.


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